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Employee onboarding

Sana has helped us go from manual, one-size-fits-all onboarding to a fully automated, yet still tailored experience.”

Olivia Winkvist, Talent Manager at Foodora

Why enroll when you can engage. Scaleups and enterprises onboard smarter on Sana.

You only have one chance to make the first impression. Sana’s end-to-end-learning platform makes your employee onboarding smooth, scalable, and successful.

  • Reduce time to productivity
  • Boost new hire engagement
  • Cut the onboarding overhead
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Personalized courses.
Faster program completion.

Sana tailors all your onboarding courses to each hire’s individual knowledge level. A quick placement test skips people past what they already know while quizzes surface to test specific knowledge gaps. So new hires are more likely to retain what they need, in less time.

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AI-powered neural search.
Any FAQ answered.

All content in Sana is searchable. Whether your new joiner needs a strategy recap or expense policy refresher, all they need to do is ask. Sana will answer in natural language and link them to the right material to learn more.

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Automagical analytics.
Ramped performance.

Don’t leave new hire success up to chance. Sana helps you identify who to support and how by visualizing progress and completion data in an intuitive, customizable dashboard. Build views at the team, course, or learner level, and share with managers in seconds.

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Tailored experiences.
At scale.

Integrate Sana with your HRIS and automatically trigger staggered onboarding programs based on departments, role, and other custom attributes. Combined with a personalised homepage and recommendations, new hires get exactly what they need without the overwhelm.

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Interactive live sessions.
Built in.

The best new starter experiences shouldn’t depend on location. Sana’s built-in virtual classroom brings your remote and hybrid sessions to life without the scheduling admin. With AI transcribing and taking notes, facilitators can concentrate on being present and engaging new hires.

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Blended onboarding.
By default.

Onboarding is more than a course in Sana. Our editor is packed with interactive features like polls, quizzes, stickynotes, and video streaming. From live welcome sessions to company culture deepdives, your new joiners will build confidence, ask questions, and feel right at home.

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Manual admin.
Finally on autopilot.

Thanks to our HR system integrations and extensive LMS features, you can save hours by automatically enrolling new hires into your onboarding program, setting up notification reminders, triggering certificates, and even handling in-person session scheduling.

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Company-wide onboarding content.

Don’t let L&D be the bottleneck. Sana’s collaborative editor has a built-in AI writing assistant and templates to help everyone create engaging onboarding content without expert training. It can even generate entire interactive courses from existing files—so nothing good goes to waste.

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Scalable onboarding programs.
One intuitive platform.

Sana brings the best of an LMS, LXP, authoring tool, and virtual classroom into one end-to-end platform. New hires get a smoother onboarding experience with a single login. You only need one platform to create, host, and manage the complete onboarding journey.

Enterprise ready.
User approved.

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ISO 27001 certified. SOC 2 and GDPR compliant. Data encrypted at rest with AES 256 and in transit with TLS 1.2+.

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“A game-changer for webinars, distance learning, and internal onboarding”

G2 reviewer

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Integrate your way to faster ramp times

Cut the manual onboarding admin. Integrate Sana with your existing tech stack so your onboarding programs, training reminders, and reporting run on autopilot.

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Made for more than onboarding

Sana isn’t just for the start of the employee journey. It’s the one home for all your company’s learning and knowledge sharing—from compliance training and leadership development to sales enablement and beyond.

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Collaborative authoring

Create self-paced courses and live group sessions. Together.

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Automated LMS

Manage, analyze, and scale all your learning initiatives. With automations.

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Virtual classroom

Host interactive training sessions. Without switching tabs.

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Integrated LXP

Upskill your learners with multiple content providers. Under one roof.

How Kry/Livi onboarded its employees to Sana

An interview with Maria Laxell
Learning & Development at Kry/Livi

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